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  • How do I watch the on-demand videos and join the live classes?
    Don't forget to log in to see all the latest and greatest content!
  • I want to try the live Zoom yoga classes - what do I need?
    Yourself! Anything else is optional but extremely helpful. We suggest investing in a yoga mat, two yoga blocks and a belt/yoga strap is helpful but not essential. Check out the class descriptions before booking for more information on what you'll need.
  • For live classes, do I need my webcam turned on?
    It is not mandatory, but we highly encourage it. When the yoga teacher can see you, we are able to give more detailed cues and feedback to avoid injury.
  • I missed the live class - how can I catch up?
    All of the live classes are recorded and uploaded to the app within 48 hours.
  • I’m a complete beginner, what do you recommend?
    Try out our Balance Brain Body app or give our 1:1 sessions a go.
  • Where do you teach in-person classes?
    For classes, workshops, trainings and events, keep an eye on our monthly newsletter. If you’re looking for something in particular, reach out to us directly at We're based in the Cotswolds, Berkshire and London.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Head over to the website, don't forget to log in and then click the 'My Subscription' area. Alternatively, email Francesca at
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