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About Us

At Balance Brain Body, we believe that your job shouldn’t dictate your health.

"With over 300 hours of yoga training specialising in functional neuroscience, and over 8 years of experience, this has always been my thing. Now I use my expertise to help women who work behind a desk feel their best."


Francesca Corcoran, Yoga Teacher & Creator of Balance Brain Body

Francesca created Balance Brain Body because she found that working long hours hunched over her laptop not only impacted how she felt during the day but also took a toll on her free time. 


She was burnt out, exhausted and stressed. 


Working behind a desk, she saw immediate detrimental changes in her mental health, sleep, posture, eyesight and body.


Although she was already doing yoga and other forms of fitness, she felt like needed something else.


So she began to do stretches at her desk. Invested in a neuroscience course. And learnt about all things brainy.


In just a few of weeks, she started feeling more productive, her anxiety quietened and she felt energised.


Throughout the day, these small moments became healthy habits that she looked forward to. There were noticeable shifts in her work, health and free time. 


Coming from a background of serious, chronic health conditions, Francesca felt that desk yoga was a great way to feel better without adding any more stress , mental load or exhaustion. All it took was consistently showing up for a few minutes each day.


At Balance Brain Body, we don’t believe you need to quit or change your job to take back control.


Take back the reins by building healthy microhabits during your day. Transform how you feel in your 9-5 so you can actually enjoy your personal time and have the freedom to do what you want to do.

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