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Monthly Membership
with our NEW APP

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Notice the difference in just TWO weeks. That’s why we offer a two-week free trial because we’re sure you’ll want to keep the healthy microhabits as part of your daily routine.

You asked, so we listened.
We’re excited to announce our NEW APP.
Every month, you will have access to:


6 NEW Desk Yoga Videos

Combining yoga and neuroscience all at your desk in less than five minutes - what's not to love?


3 LIVE Yoga Classes Per Week

Destress on a Monday evening and revitalise on a Wednesday evening.

*Timetable live on the app, subject to change. View more information here.


Access To A Library of Content

Head over to the video section for a range of yoga videos to suit your mood.


2 On-Demand Yoga Classes

Roll out your yoga mat and get moving with two classes.




Francesca's classes have been my first venture into yoga. My confidence and skills have improved with Francesca’s continuous support and dedication to her students. I find her online classes are the perfect challenge with amazing encouragement!


I am loving Francesca's Zoom yoga classes! She does a really nice mix of class types at a range of different times to work for everyone. The relaxing class is my absolute favourite and always sets me up for a good night's sleep. Doing the classes on Zoom from the comfort of my own home is so great but Francesca still watches carefully and gives really good modifications and adjustments too.



Last week, we added some extra brain drills into our practice to help us improve our forward folds. I noticed a huge difference with my forward fold before and after doing the drill! I also found I could place my feet flat on the floor in downward-facing dog! It felt really good to see this progress after one class and also just by adding in some extra drills.

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