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Get results that suit your specific needs. 


A personalised programme that is carefully planned around your goals and feedback so you can transform your lifestyle. 

How do you know this is right for you?

You experience something that affects your daily life i.e. neck tension, headaches, painful posture, tiredness, injury ect.

You want a session that effortlessly fits into your schedule and holds you accountable.

You want bespoke feedback so you can gain the best possible knowledge on your individual needs.

You are committed to doing six private sessions (either via Zoom or in person) over a six-week period.

How do the sessions work?

We start by understanding the specifics.


Using a questionnaire and speaking with you directly, we begin to plan your sessions to ensure you can experience the benefits almost immediately. Sometimes, we will give bite-sized homework (of less than 5 minutes a day) so you can feel your best all week long. Each and every session is continually updated and adapted with your feedback.

Francesca brings a light-hearted approach to her classes so you will always feel at ease whether you’re a yoga lover or brand new, all you need is a mat and an open mind to try some new things.


Balance Brain Body provides a holistic approach to your health.


Online private yoga sessions take place over Zoom so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to reap the benefits of yoga and neuroscience.


In-person private yoga sessions are available in Cheltenham and surrounding areas (Gloucestershire).


Our new app subscription is included with your 1:1 sessions so you get the best of both worlds.

Jenny S, HR Consultant

I've done two blocks of Francesca's online programme and it has completely changed my daily life. I was really struggling with my energy levels and backache as I work long hours behind a desk. She makes our classes so fun, I really laugh a lot but I love how she explains the science behind it. I rarely feel any aches or pains now and I actually wake up feeling well rested. I highly recommend these sessions if you want 1 to 1 classes that actually make a difference.

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