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Corporate Wellbeing

Prioritise wellbeing in and out of the office with Balance Brain Body.


Our wellbeing sessions keep morale high, show appreciation to staff and help them feel their best, while also increasing productivity and reducing stress.

Francesca offers well-being talks and chair neuro-yoga sessions giving you and your team the tools to feel your best without leaving your desk.


Combining functional neurology and yoga, you can expect to focus faster, find a sense of calm and have more energy in just 2 to 5 minutes a day. 

Our presentations and desk yoga sessions offer simple yet effective tools to rejuvenate and become more alert, all from the comfort of your workspace. 

Desk yoga isn't just about 'stretching'; it's a holistic approach to wellness.  


What can you expect in a desk yoga session? Enjoy a series of gentle movements, breathing exercises and brain drills, where you'll learn tools on how to destress, ease tension, improve posture and increase flexibility – all from your office chair.

We focus on areas where you may commonly experience aches and pains such as wrists, neck, shoulders and lower back, while involving other systems, such as your eyes to help you feel your best when looking at your screen and doing the things you love.

Online or in-person well-being presentations and desk yoga sessions available in the Cotswolds, Berkshire or London.

Working Remotely

Wellbeing Sessions For Your Team

Our six live sessions give your team the tools to improve focus and productivity and reduce stress. We focus on well-being in the long term with quick and easy brain drills and yoga-inspired movements from your desk.


Online Live Classes

Schedule live desk yoga sessions for you and your team all from the comfort of your desk, whether in the office or at home. We also offer in-person sessions in the Cotswolds, Berkshire & London.



Invest in your and your colleagues' health with access to our app which includes desk-based yoga neuro videos, live evening mat-based classes and a library of pre-recorded classes.

What Our Clients Say

Yoga Pose

Cal, Marketing Campaigns Manager

"Francesca ran a delightful yoga session during a work lunch-hour. The desk yoga was easy to follow for those who were inexperienced, yet had the opportunity for the more seasoned to push themselves. After the class, everyone felt rewarded and relaxed. I am excited to attend another one of her desk-yoga classes at my company."
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