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Woman Doing Yoga In Bluebell Woods

Feel Your Best
At Your Desk

Balance Brain Body combines desk-based yoga and neuroscience so you can take control of your life in your 9-to-5 so you can enjoy your personal time.

Does your week resemble this?

Sunday evening dread.

Long hours hunched over your desk.

Aches, pains, stiffness.

No time. No energy.

Stressed and exhausted doesn’t even cut it.

I’ve recently downloaded Francesca’s app and it’s already transformed my life. I’ve actually started getting into the habit of taking breaks every couple of hours to do the desk yoga videos. At first, I was unsure of when I was going to fit the videos in, but I’ve never felt so focused and I get my work done so much faster. I even finish work feeling like I’m ready to seize the day.

You don’t even need to leave your desk to:

Up Your
Energy Levels

Do you experience that mid-afternoon slump? Energise in less than five minutes - no caffeine required. 

Feel Instantly Calmer

You try to relax, get stuck in a doomscroll and just end up feeling worse? 


Kick that anxious feeling to the dust, say goodbye to the Sunday Scaries and feel calmer in seconds.


Fall asleep quicker and get better quality shut-eye. It’s that simple.

Enjoy Your
Free Time

When you feel better, you can do the things you actually want to do - whether that’s seeing your friends, doing fun activities or finding time to ‘properly’ relax.

What are you looking for?

If you work behind a desk, take back control today so you can feel your best.

Phone Mockup App.png

Monthly Membership
with our NEW App 

Effortlessly slot desk yoga into your daily routine and notice how your life changes in less than two weeks. 


Affordable and accessible. 


Short-term effort for long-term gain.

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Private Classes
1:1 Sessions

Get results that suit your specific needs. 


A personalised programme that is carefully planned around your goals and feedback so you can transform your lifestyle. 


A holistic approach to your health.

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Yoga Sessions

Prioritise wellbeing in your company. 


Office yoga is the perfect way to keep morale high, show appreciation to staff and help them feel their best.

Feel Your Best Self Today With A FREE Five Day Desk Yoga Challenge

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Thank you for prioritising your health

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