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Destress This December

A month full of celebration, cheer and cosiness, but December can often feel overwhelming with the endless social commitments, gifts to buy and the sheer amount of delicious food on offer. So how can you stay serene and calm this Christmas week?

Presence over presents

There can be so much pressure to buy presents. It feels wrong to turn up ‘empty-handed’ or, even worse, to buy something for the sake of it, unsure whether they will even like it.

This year I am putting less emphasis on gifts and more on being fully present. I am guilty of doom scrolling on my phone (getting stuck on social media) or refreshing my inbox when around others. However, now that I live further away from my hometown, I am making a special effort to be more present by shutting my phone away, digging the board games out and being fully aware.

My loved ones know that my love language is ‘gifts’, so not giving presents feels almost like a sin! So instead, I am buying second-hand and upcycling, using my craft skills for homemade gifts or visiting local independent shops. I suggest thinking carefully about what you’re purchasing and considering what that person really wants - that could be quality time or even a fun activity together.

Self-care isn’t selfish

Whether your self-care is a form of movement (yoga, walking, strength training) or wrapping yourself in a burrito blanket and watching a Christmas film, you need time to unwind and relax. You can’t be the best version of yourself and give that to others when you’re rundown, overtired, and pulled in every direction.

Make sure to carve time for yourself to avoid overwhelm. Instead, feel refreshed, energised and in a positive mindset. It’s not only good for you but also for everyone that surrounds you.

Health is wealth

I love a sweet treat more than most, but with the temptation of tins of chocolates, mulled wine and Christmas pudding, it’s difficult to say no. I don’t like restricting my body, but I need nutritious food; otherwise, I feel sluggish and bloated, so I eat my favourite things in moderation and make sure to top up on fruit and veg!

My key thoughts are: stay hydrated, practice patience and laughter is the best medicine. Bring out your inner child and enjoy the Christmas lights. Be silly and merry with those around you, as one day, you’ll look back and cherish these moments.

The festive period may not be easy for everyone. Perhaps it’s your first year without a loved one, or money is tight. I have spent the last couple of weeks reflecting on what is important to me, but we’ll leave that for another day. Remember, be kind to yourself and consider what you value over the Christmas holidays.

Take some time for yourself this Thursday - I am running a FREE Christmas class suitable for all levels of yogis. Instead of traditional yoga postures, listen out for festive variations - please share with your friends and family. You can sign up here. If I don't see you there, have a wonderful Christmas.

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